Meranti Wooden Surrounds

Only hard timber is used to construct the beautiful steel-reinforced surrounds for our Spas

There are several options to how your Spa will be installed at your home. It could be built in, part of a pool area, or free-standing. If your Spa is intended to be a free-standing installation, we offer an attractive, durable wooden surround to house it.

Jacuzzi Pumps, Filters, Lights & Jets

Techno Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi is pleased to offer you a range of jacuzzi accessories to help maintain your jacuzzi and add features to your relaxation.

Filter Cartridge

Micro Jet

LED Light

Cartridge Container

Jacuzzi Pump

Jacuzzi Blower & Fittings

Blower Motor

Air Button

Bellow Button

Air Control

Heater Casing

Air Control Slimline

H/C York Box

2 Way Air Switch

Spa Suction

Optional Extras

Circulation Pump

  • Optional Extra for installations where the Spa needs to be kept at a constant temperature for any-time use.

Additional Jets & Pump System

  • Where additional jets and water flow is required, secondary pump systems may be added.


  • An ozonator can be added to ensure the Bath or spa remains sanitized at all times.The system is fully automatic and avoids the drudge of unnecessary maintenance.

Bottom Suction

  • This allows for draining of the Spa to almost empty to ease the cleaning process.


  • Products are available in all standard sanitaryware colours.