Looking for a smart thermostat to control electric heating?

Upgrade your home heating control / replace your old thermostat in one step.

This WIFI programmable room thermostat is mainly used to control electric floor heating systems, electric radiators and other high-power equipment. It can also be used to control a variety of valves and actuators, hot tub heating, hot rock sauna heaters and steam generators.

This thermostat is a programmable room thermostat with 5 + 2 Days / 7 Days / 1 Day options.

Simple and efficient

The POER PTC26 WIFI underfloor heating thermostat has a built-in WIFI module. With this module, you can add this WIFI room thermostat to the POER APP directly. After the device is added, all the settings of the heating control systems can be easily realized in the palm.

Temperature sensor + humidity sensor

PTC26 has a built-in high-precision temperature sensor. The temperature of the room can be accurately detected and feed back to the smart home heating control system to make corresponding control. At the same time, we specially added a humidity sensor to help customers better understand the overall environment of the room.


The newly designed APP brings a more professional experience.

APP is divided into four modes: home, away, holiday, and off. Among them, there are automatic, manual, and over-control functions at home mode.

Temperature programming curve: 0.1 degrees Celsius temperature adjustable; Curve copy between different devices; one-key configuration of programming information for multiple days.