Zodiac Ei Classic Midi Chlorinator

R 10199 (inc. VAT) – Limited Stock Available

* Delivery and Installation to be quoted separately *

The Ei Classic Series now represents a revolution in the entry level salt chlorination category, which boasts the latest in cutting edge technology featuring reverse polarity.

Using the principles of electrolysis this Saltwater Chlorinator will convert ordinary saltwater into 100% usable chlorine to safely and effectively sanitise your pool.

2 Year Manufacturing defect warranty.

Why use the Zodiac Ei Classic Midi Chlorinator?


No need to buy or store chlorine for your pool. While the chlorinator does carry an upfront cost to install, the system is extremely cost-effective in the long run. It easily makes up for it by saving you hundreds of Rands on chlorine products every month, paying for itself within around 2 years. Additional salt may be needed depending on rain and water loss through backwashing. Very little salt is required annually and the cost of salt is a lot less than that of conventional chlorine.

No harsh chemicals

Using the principles of electrolysis the Ei Classic chlorinator will convert ordinary salt water into 100% usable chlorine. There is no need to add any extra chemicals to aid sanitisation. This means that you don’t have to handle harsh chemicals and caring for the pool becomes more environmentally-friendly and cost effective. Also, since chlorinators produce a gentler chlorine and add a set amount to the pool you don’t have to worry about chloramine build up meaning there is no strong chlorine odour around the pool

Minimal maintenance

Using an Ei Classic chlorinator on the pool will result in less time and maintenance from the owner. There is no need to add any further sanitisation products to the pool, however the owner would still need to conduct regular pH, alkalinity and Calcium hardness tests and add these balancing products to balance the water correctly to ensure a healthy swimming pool. Since the level of chlorine/sanitiser is constant in salt water, algae is less likely to grow, requiring less cleaning and chemicals.

Installed directly to the DB timer so that the chlorinator is supplied with power when the system is in operation. Warning display LEDs reflecting no flow, output and low salt make it easy for the owner to identify issues on the unit.  Self-cleaning, Automatic reverse polarity means low maintenance on the cell. By reversing the electrical current inside the salt cell from DC to AC, calcium deposits are removed from the metal plates and washed away. This makes salt cell maintenance easier and can also help extend the units life span.

Health Benefits

Salt water is healthier for everyone enjoying the pool. Compared to pools treated with conventional chlorine, salt water is softer on skin, eyes and hair. Higher levels of chlorine are often responsible for drying the skin, irritating the eyes and even triggering allergies in some bathers.

In a salt water pool, while chlorine is still being used the levels are very low and it’s made in a more natural way through electrolysis so it is less harsh than granular chlorine for the swimmer.


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