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No Electricity? – No Problem!

Are you looking to give yourself or your guests the option of a hot tub to relax their muscles in and relieve stress from a long week?

Our Wood Fired Hot Tub will give you the hot water; all you need to do is supply the wood, scenic setting and the guests. The Hot Tub consumes no electricity and does not need gas to heat up the water.  No pumps, wiring or filtration systems are required to operate the tub. Simply fill the tub with water, add wood to the stove and use a couple of matches or a lighter to get the fire going and within a couple of hours, your soaking tub is ready to use. The heated water will rise and flow into the tub and, in the process, pull the cooler water back into the stove to continue the cycle.

Sanitary Grade 4 Seater Acrylic Tub

Our 4 Seater Wood Fired Hot Tub comes standard with the following:

4 Seater with Pine Box + Oven + Suction & Aimflow + Bubble Cover

ONLY R 25 900! (Incl. VAT)

Optional Extras: Hard Cover – R 3690 (incl. VAT) | Spa Pillows – From R450 each

Oven Only: Our oven can be retrofitted onto just about any above ground jacuzzi. R 9500 (incl. VAT)

6 Seater Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Our 6 Seater Wood Fired Hot Tub comes standard with the following:

6 Seater with Pine Box + Oven + Suction & Aimflow + Bubble Cover

ONLY R 29 900! (Incl. VAT)

Optional Extras: Hard Cover – R 4290 (incl. VAT) | Spa Pillows – From R450 each

Oven Only: Our oven can be retrofitted onto just about any above ground jacuzzi. R 9500 (incl. VAT)


  • Our wood fired hot tub has been designed as a soaking tub that uses an external wood burning stove rather than an electric element to heat the water through a process called “thermal siphoning”.
  • When a fire is built in the wood burning stove, the heat is transferred into the water through the stainless steel coil inside the stove. As the water is heated the water particles expand and become less dense, making the heated water more buoyant, rising to the top of the coil and out into the tub through the outlet. Simultaneously, the cold water in the bottom of the tub is pulled into the coil through the inlet.
  • This process will continue as long as there is heat present in the stove.

Note: You will need to stir the Hot Tub during the process of heating the water. Due to the thermosiphon circulation happening within the tub, the water moves slowly through the coil and the hot tub.

The temperature in the tub becomes stratified, creating a hot water layer on the top and a cold water layer on the bottom of the tub. The water must be stirred with a paddle to mix these temperatures within the tub and you will have to wait a few minutes before testing for the correct water temperature reading.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Cost Effective – Does not require any electricity; as the hot tub works with natural circulation. There is no need for an electrical supply, thus saving on expensive electrician costs.
  • Health Benefits – Everyday stress relief, increased blood circulation, reduces pain and accelerates healing.
  • Quiet – No pump system needed, resulting in zero pump noise. Only the sound of crackling flames and burning logs makes for a more atmospheric and relaxing experience.
  • Eco Friendly – Wood is a natural source of renewable, sustainable energy and is also carbon neutral.
  • Efficient heating – Depending on how good the firewood is that you are using, the temperature of the surrounding air and water temperature at the start of your session, it should take around three to four hours to heat the water. Times will on average be shorter in summer and longer in winter to heat the water.
  • Heat retention – Holds the heat very well with its cover on and would only require a short time for additional heating the following morning.
  • The Stove is on the outside of the tub, allowing more seating space inside the tub. An internal stove takes up nearly 1/3 of the seating space in the hot tub.
  • An external stove has the chimney away from the wood fired tub so there is less chance of contact with the hot chimney. On an internal wood stove, the chimney is within inches of the tub and there is a higher chance for smoke to irritate the bathers using the tub.

Safety Tips

  • The stove should never be used without any water in the hot tub. Note that your cold water inlet and hot water outlet lines must be below the water level at all times. If the water line falls below the level of your hot water outlet the water will stop circulating through the coil but the water in the coil will continue to heat up. This is known as ‘dry firing’ on the coil. This is dangerous and may result in scalding hot water or steam coming out of the hot water outlet.
  • Fire and alcohol mix poorly. Please be careful when handling either around the stove.

It is not advised to use a wood fired hot tub

  • during pregnancy due to the higher heat temperatures of the water.
  • In the case of inflammatory illness with high body temperatures.
  • The stove needs to be supervised at all times when in use or cooling down – particularly when children or animals are in the vicinity.


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