We are very excited to introduce the newest addition to our company. Our Ice Bath units are available in various different finishes, from Pine up to Plastic Composite, it also includes a PVC Hard Cover.


  • Ice Baths Help Your Muscles Recover After a Hard Workout
  • Prevent Muscle Soreness

  • Help Cool Your Body Down

  • Boost Your Mental Health

  • Improve Your Sleep

  • Reduce Risk Of Injury

  • Prepare Your Body For Your Next Workout

  • They Help Can Boost Your Immune System


If you’re ready to take the plunge, there are a few things you should know before submerging your body in ice.

  • The temperature of our ice bath can go as low as 5° Celsius.

  • Time in ice bath – Spending too much time in an ice bath can have adverse consequences. That’s why you should limit your time to no longer than 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Body exposure – It’s generally recommended to immerse your entire body in the ice bath to gain the best effect of blood vessel constriction. However, to start out, you may want to first expose your feet and lower legs. As you get comfortable, you can move toward your chest.


R 68 320 (incl. VAT)
(Price based on a Pine wooden surround)

  • Ice bath size: 1135(L) x 800(W) x 900(H)

  • Surround Size: 1.97m x 2m x 900mm

  • Thermostat

  • PVC Hard Cover

  • Drain valve at the bottom of the unit to backwash the water

  • The ice chiller (5.6kw) and pump system included

  • Different wooden surrounds available.


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